Ski Conditioning Tips

by Alta Lodge
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Are you still thinking about getting in shape for the ski season? Doing a little training before the season starts is invaluable for a more enjoyable experience during your first days on the slopes. Starting the season that way is what most professional and recreational skiers do.

If you need some guidance and encouragement, in the Salt Lake Valley, the University of Utah offers ski conditioning classes that are taught through the orthopedic center. Friends who have participated in these classes have commented on their effectiveness and the quality of the instructors. Their web page also has ski-related articles and tips.

Bosu ball

We’re sharing some tips from pros if you want to train on your own but need some ideas on where to start for skiing specific exercises. Burn SLC has some tips you can follow either at home or your local gym.

Ski Utah’s fitness blogger Active Alyssa has an article with a focus on using a Bosu ball.  She has photos and instructions for these basic exercises that will give your lower body a good workout.

Budget some training time and you’ll enjoy that first day of skiing!

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