Happy Monday–11 inches of snow in 13 hours!

by Alta Lodge
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The first big storm of the winter season is here!  We don’t know what took so long but we’re happy it’s snowing and it is supposed to keep snowing through tomorrow.

Don’t have any ski plans yet? It’s time to make some and here are some tips.

A ski vacation is a winter highlight for many skiers.  Whether it is your only ski trip for the winter or one of several, being ready for that trip makes a big difference in the experience you will have.

One of the big decisions people have to make is when to take that vacation.  Some prefer after the holidays while other want to go earlier.  It used to be ski vacations were for seven days with visitors more likely to arrive on a Saturday and leave the following weekend.  Now more people take an extended weekend of if they have flexibility, they check when the conditions are mostly favorable and book a few days out. The advantage of planning ahead is a secured reservation and if it’s planned, one is more likely to go rather than waiting until the last minute. Usually a week day ski trip will provide you with greater lodging options and less skiers on the slopes.

Another important part of your ski trip is to be in good physical condition. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start your training program.  Ski Utah offers some valuable conditioning tips if you’re not sure what to start.

So get on board and make some plans–ski season is here!

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