One Month to Go!

by Alta Lodge
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near the base of Alta Ski Area

November 21 is the opening day for Alta this season. Will you be ready to ski that day?

The fall weather is great right now but winter is just around the corner, so before it arrives, get prepared for that first day in the mountains.

Check list:

  • skis: check bindings and clean debris off base if you did a lot of spring skiing. Gunk and wax left on the base won’t make that first day very fun.

  • ski boots: shake out the critters so you don’t have any surprises when you put your feet in them

  • base layers and ski socks: wash them if you never got around to it at the end of the season

  • gloves, hat/helmet, goggles: track them down

  • snow scrapper/shovel: put them in the car now so you don’t forget

  • snow tires: you need them to get to get to Alta–don’t wait till the last minute to get them on your car–you’ll regret it 

Are you ready???

Stop by the Alta Lodge for breakfast, lunch or apres ski on opening day–we would love to see you!

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