The Countdown

by Alta Lodge
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November 22 is Alta’s opening day this season and skiers are counting the days.  In the meantime, let’s get ready for ski season with a check list.

1. Skis: check the base of your skis since more likely than not, when you finished the season last year, you just stashed the skis.  Do they need to be cleaned from gunk if you were spring skiing a lot?  How about filling in any scrapes? And, a nice base wax is always good to start the season with.  If you don’t tune your skis, get them into the shop soon because when it snows, everyone will take skis into the shop, kind of like trying to get your snow tires on put when the first snow storm hits: there’s a long wait.

2. Bindings: it’s a good idea to get them checked out at the start of every season.

3. Boots: check out your buckles and make sure all the adjustments are working okay.  It’s no fun to have a boot buckle come off or break when you’re on the hill. If you have boot heaters, make sure they are working and the batteries are charged.

4. Clothing: collect all your ski clothing in one place so when it is time to go skiing, you’re not scurrying around the house trying to figure out where you put your stuff six months ago.  Check all your zippers, see what’s in the pockets–maybe you’ll find some cash or treats you forgot about.

5. Goggles: clean or replace those  lenses!

6. Other accessories: how does that hydration bladder smell? do you need to replace those gloves with all the duct tape? need any new ski socks?

You get the picture–so get started and we’ll see you soon at Alta (and don’t forget your ski poles!)

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