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September usually marks the time of year when people start thinking about the upcoming ski season.  Ski publications have their gear issue ready to print or it’s already available on news stands.  There are several publications with gear reviews, some with 2013-2014 ski testing done by the pros during last ski season.  If you’re a skier who doesn’t want to test skis on a variety of conditions (most of  us fall into that category) then the gear reviews are worth looking at.

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Once you have identified your skier profile, you can see what skis might suite you best. If you’re a female skier who rips on the off-piste, there will be several recommended skis for you.  Do you prefer to ski groomed slopes?  There are plenty of carving skis with descriptions for each. If you have only one pair skis rather than a quiver, it might be worth trying two or three skis before settling on one. 
If that’s not an option for you, price may drive the decision or else it’s what skis your local ski shop has in their inventory.

One of the most important purchases a skier can make is a good fitting boot.  If your boots don’t feel good or if you’re not getting the support you need, it doesn’t matter what kind of skis you have.  If you are unable to to “feel” the skis on the snow due to a poor fitting boot, your skis will not perform to their capacity.

Ski clothing is always evolving as fabrics become more technical.  Staying warm without bulk and having garments that breathe and wick moisture are important benefits. If you have not updated your ski wardrobe in a long time, you may be missing out on a more comfortable day on the slopes.

And if your skiing season is one or two ski trips per year, consider packing your boots and renting skis.  You’ll have more updated choices each season without the hassle of ski baggage on the plane.

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