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Cecret Lake’s name is well deserved as it would be hard to find the lake without a trail. This pretty little lake is flanked by rock cliffs on the south side where skiers have access to Devil’s Castle in the winter season.  Erika Wiggins has a great hike description and photos of the area if you are interested in locating this hidden gem.

Catherine’s Pass

Right now a hike to Catherine’s Pass will reward you with meadows covered in colorful wildflowers. Being so close to Salt Lake City, it’s easy to take a hike after work and share a picnic dinner with friends. The hike to the pass is an hour or so from the parking area at the top of Sunnyside lift or you can take the shuttle from the Albion day lodge on most weekends. Once you reach the pass if you want to extend your hike you can follow the trail to Catherine Lake and beyond where you will end up at the Brighton ski area, located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. From there you can retrace your steps back to where you started or if you shuttled a car, it will be waiting for you at Brighton.

Looking back towards Mt. Superior
Looking towards Devil’s Castle

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