Renewable Energy Partner

by eshmookler

Alta Lodge is a Visionary partner in Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Program. The program buys energy from renewable resources, primarily wind. As a Visionary partner, 30 percent of the electric energy purchased by Alta Lodge is attributed to renewable energy sources.

“We are using renewable energy sources—sources that are already available and will continue to be available in the future – because we recognize the benefits to everyone: individual consumers, businesses and the environment,” commented Alta Lodge CEO Marcus Dippo. “By demonstrating a commitment to renewables, we encourage the next generation to look to a future where renewables are our primary energy sources.”

“Alta Lodge joins a growing number of Utah businesses and residents – more than 22,000 statewide – who are doing their part to encourage renewable energy development,” said Karen Gilmore, Rocky Mountain Power vice president of customer services. “By purchasing 12,300 kilowatt-hours of renewable wind energy each month through the Blue Sky program, Alta Lodge is offsetting 148 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. This creates environmental benefits equivalent to not driving more than 316,200 miles or planting 58 acres of trees.”