The Snow is Melting Fast at Alta!

by Alta Lodge
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Get out your hiking boots, hat and sun screen and hit the hiking trails at Alta! It’s beautiful and extremely green right now and let’s not forget to mention: it’s cool in the mountains. So when it approaches 90+ degrees in Salt Lake City, you know where to go to cool off.  Pack a picnic for after work and take a walk around Alta.  If the weekend is the best for you, spend the day or night and really feel like your are getting away.

Alta Lodge is open for lodging seven days a week in the summer with rooms starting at $94 a night and it includes a continental breakfast.  We serve lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday, both a nice addition before or after a day in the mountains.

You might be able to top off that outstanding mountain dining experience with a moose sighting from the deck of the Lodge.

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