Women’s Skis: Deciding What to Buy

by Alta Lodge
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Before there were women’s bikes, women’s backpacks and women’s skis, women just bought the same bikes, backpacks, and skis as the guys.  Now not only is there gender specific gear, there is a wide assortment to choose from.

When it comes to skis, if you can demo skis, many ski shops will apply the rental fee towards the purchase price of skis. Another way to go about the decision making process is to read some of the ski tester reviews on the new equipment. Having one pair of skis for all conditions is ideal if you are skiing on snow that presents all types of conditions.  However, a lot of skiers are primarily on slopes with snow that is extremely hard and in some areas, it is actually icy.  For those types of conditions, the best ski would be one specific to those conditions. In the west and northwest, the snow conditions can be quite varied and those that ski a lot often times have more than one pair of skis.

If you are a destination skier, you might consider just bringing your ski boots with you and renting demo skis for your trip.  You’ll have the latest equipment and eliminate the hassle and extra baggage fee of bringing your own skis.

The Alta Women’s Ski Camps provide participants with demo skis and the option to switch out to different ski types while they are in the camp.  Not only does this give the skier the latest ski they also can evaluate others and designate a preference.

Having choices is great and if you come to Alta on April 12, there will be a free demo day that is open to everyone. (Lift tickets are not included.)

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