Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ring in the New Year with Skiing

With over 100+ inches of snow last week and the week before, Alta now has a base of 58 inches and all lifts but Albion are running. The connection to Snowbird is open and the skiing is great!

If you are planning to turn in at a reasonable hour on Thursday evening, you'll be all set for a day on the slopes of Alta Friday morning and have the ski slopes almost to yourself.  Most New Year's parties go into the next morning with people celebrating 2016, sleeping in and/or nursing hangovers. Or you can opt to be in the clear mountain air on a sunny day, enjoying the feeling of the wind in your face.  If early is not in the cards for you, stop by Alta Lodge for lunch and then head out for the afternoon and back for apres ski at the Sitzmark Bar--ranked in The Manual as one of the "Best Mountain Town Bars"

Wishing you the best for the New Year in 2016!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Solstice! 50-inch Storm Last Week, 2-3 Feet This Week!

There were many snowy days last week and when it all added up, the storm total from Monday-Thursday was 50-inches--an Alta storm by any standard!

Winter season is here and starting with more storms this week. It looks like another 2-3 feet through Wednesday and then another storm coming in Christmas--exciting stuff if you've been holding out for powder skiing.

Evening light is special at Alta and here are a couple of images from last week. As you can see, it is full on winter at Alta.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Monday--11 inches of snow in 13 hours!

The first big storm of the winter season is here!  We don't know what took so long but we're happy it's snowing and it is supposed to keep snowing through tomorrow.

Don't have any ski plans yet? It's time to make some and here are some tips.

A ski vacation is a winter highlight for many skiers.  Whether it is your only ski trip for the winter or one of several, being ready for that trip makes a big difference in the experience you will have.

One of the big decisions people have to make is when to take that vacation.  Some prefer after the holidays while other want to go earlier.  It used to be ski vacations were for seven days with visitors more likely to arrive on a Saturday and leave the following weekend.  Now more people take an extended weekend of if they have flexibility, they check when the conditions are mostly favorable and book a few days out. The advantage of planning ahead is a secured reservation and if it's planned, one is more likely to go rather than waiting until the last minute. Usually a week day ski trip will provide you with greater lodging options and less skiers on the slopes.

Another important part of your ski trip is to be in good physical condition. If you haven't already, now is the time to start your training program.  Ski Utah offers some valuable conditioning tips if you're not sure what to start.

So get on board and make some plans--ski season is here!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Great to be 75!

75 years..really? Yes! Alta Lodge first opened the doors to skiers in 1940, two years after Alta Ski Area opened.  According to Alta Historical Society President David Davenport, “When it [Alta Lodge] opened, it was the epicenter of the social culture at Alta. The love of skiing, powder and apr├Ęs ski were all aspects of a tradition where the focus was skiing. The Levitt family, who own and operate the Lodge, are dedicated to the traditional lodge style, which exemplifies an approach to skiing that gained its roots in Europe and New England—breakfast and dinner included with stay, no televisions, a common dining area and an opportunity for communal social engagement between guests."
Still owned and operated by the Levitt family, the Lodge continues today with the same traditions it started with. A couple of wings have been added to the original 12-room hotel, along with some updates but the ski lodge principals that started it all are still intact.  Fine food, great service and a warm and friendly environment are all part of what makes skiers return year after year to Alta Lodge.
Forbes.com has a nice write up about Alta Lodge, "America's Most Iconic Ski Lodge"

Margie of the Wasatch was filmed in 1946.  It provides a glimpse of skiing in the early days of Alta Lodge and Alta Ski Area.