Friday, May 14, 2010

Current status

Turns out that not only was April a snowy month, but so was May as you can see from this photo of the Lodge entry way taken yesterday. There is a change in the weather coming this weekend when temperatures will be in the 70's in Salt Lake City. Looks like we're finally getting around to having a late spring.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu for Wine Dinner

Chef Raddon has selected the menu for the wine dinner on June 12. A new appetizer -- Kimchi Pancakes -- will be featured at the opening reception. Three demi entrées follow: panko-crusted filet of halibut with a pineapple soy reduction & jasmine rice; roast tenderloin of bison with braised wild mushrooms, onions & balsamic port sauce and potatoes Chantilly, followed by pan-fried breast of duck with blackberry sauce & quinoa pilaf. Once Scott has selected the wines, they will be added to the menu.